Riding my bike is one of my great passions and having been knocked off twice during daylight shook me up.
Fortunately my injuries were only minor and I was able to ask the drivers what had caused the collisions. Both times the drivers said they simply had not seen me.
After the incidents, I explored various safety options to make myself more visible. As the majority of cycling takes place during the day, most cycling accidents occur during this time and a split second makes all the difference.  With limited choices available, I decided to develop and test my own LED vest for improved visibility and awareness for drivers.
Riding around Sydney wearing my prototype vest, I regularly had other riders at traffic lights ask where i got my vest from. This positive feedback helped me to see the potential and Vizirider is designed for other riders with like minded safety concerns, while retaining an element of style.
Cycling makes for a healthier, friendlier, less congested and a cleaner place to live.